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We are known for providing the most reliable and friendly Bangalore Call Girls, Who are able to take care of your every need. Our every girl can give you physical and mental pleasure as well as a friendly environment.

call girls of Bangalore does not throw any tantrums during sex. Understanding the need of the customer, They are ready to do every position of sex. Each one of our girls is full of human elements and is able to understand your every need very well. Due to these qualities, Bangalore’s call girl has become the first choice of the customers.

Our girls provide genuine service to the clients without any deception

Call girls in Bangalore don’t believe in cheating customers. Like other Bangalore escorts, we never send fake pics of girls to our customers. We send customers only real pics of girls available with us. There is no editing of any kind in the pics sent by us. Which the customer can select his favorite girl according to his choice. We send the same girl for service whose photo is liked by the customer.

We do not demand any advance online transactions from the customer like other Bangalore escort girl agents. Our customers can make payment to Girl when she reach customer`s location.

How the customer is cheated by the agents of the call girls in Bangalore

agents of Call girls in Bangalore cheat clients in many ways like

Advance online payment

I come to know every day from phone conversations with customers how customers are being cheated by Bangalore call girl agents. The agents have hired the girls to attend the phone. These phone girls first of all impress the customer with their sweet talk and false promise of providing beautiful girl at very low price. Then the girl sends the pictures of beautiful girls downloaded from the net to the client. Impressed by the girl’s melodious voice and the pictures sent by her, the customer selects a photo, then the girl asks the customer to transfer money online in advance.

When the customer transfers the payment to the girl’s given phone number, the girl blocks the customer’s phone after receiving the payment. When the customer does not contact the girl even after repeated calls, he understands that he has been cheated.

Fake or edited pics of call girls in Bangalore

A common way for agents of call girls in Bangalore to defraud customers is by sending pictures downloaded from the internet. First customers are shown pictures of beautiful girls downloaded from the Internet. Then the customer selects one of these pictures, instead of the selected girl, any available girl is sent to the customer. When the customer talks to the Bangalore call girl agent about making a complaint, the girl threatens the customer to create a ruckus. Due to this fear, the customer gives money to the girl. After taking the money, the girl leaves from there without giving any service by making any excuse. After which the customer feels cheated.

Solution to this problem

Whenever you think of taking the service of call girls in Bangalore, first of all check the photos sent by the agent carefully. If an agent sends you only one photo of a girl, then that photo must have been downloaded from the net. If the agent has that girl, then he will have many photos of the girl available. You can also use Google image Tools to know the truth of the photo.

Secondly, do not transfer payment to any agent just by looking at the photo. While making the deal you should talk with the agent that you will pay only when the chosen girl arrives at your hotel. If you keep these two things in mind, then you will be saved to a great extent from any kind of fraud.

Contact us to avoid this problem

As you already know that we only send original photos of girls. We send 4-5 pictures of each girl to the customers and if any video clip of any girl is found then they also send it. Due to which the customer will not have any problem to understand whether the pictures of the girl are real or fake. We can also show the selected girl on video call before taking the service to the customer. Only our Bangalore call girls are available on video calls. So to avoid any fraud, contact us, and enjoy with our beautiful and lovely call girl in Bangalore.

Girls Pays special attention to maintain tightness of pussy and boobs

Our girls are gorgeous, sexy, fit and have friendly nature. We take care of the fitness of the girls, so that they do not have any problem in having sex. We would also make arrangements for good food and exercise for the good health of the girls.

Bangalore call girls use only natural products to enhance their beauty, due to which their beauty keeps increasing.

Special medicine is used to keep the pussy of our girls tight, so that without any bad effect on their health, their pussy always remains tight, so that every man enjoys sex with them very much. Girls Pays special attention to keeping their boobs tight and big.

Because of doing all this our girls prove to be the sexiest and most beautiful call girls in Bangalore.

Sex positions that make sex more enjoyable

If sex with any girl is to be enjoyed as much as possible, then men should also take care of the wishes of girls. When the girl enjoys sex more, then she also tries to give maximum fun to the man. That’s why we are telling you about the special favorite sex styles of Bangalore call girls. I think you too would like to have a lot of fun with girls by using these sex styles.

The Cowgirl Position is the favorite of call girls in Bangalore

Mostly men are active while having sex, due to which women are not able to enjoy sex to the fullest. By having sex in this position, the woman comes over the man, due to which she feels dominating herself while having sex. The woman enjoys a lot while having sex in the cowgirl position and the man also enjoys sex a lot.

Bangalore call girls love Doggy Style Position

Bangalore call girls love to have sex in doggy style position. In this position, the girl bends her body in a doggy style by keeping her knees and hands down. Then the man puts his cock in the pussy from behind the girl. While having sex , women like to be constantly jerked by the man without any hindrance and while having sex in this style, the man also does not feel any problem in continuously jerking comfortably. Both men and women enjoy having sex in this position. This is the most popular sex style used while having sex.

Missionary Position

This is the most commonly used position during sex. Every new couple uses this position while having sex for the first time. Every person does most of the sex in his life in this position. By making a slight change in this position, the pleasure of sex can be increased manifold. This is the most romantic position of sex because while having sex in this position, you can enjoy romantic activities like hugging, kissing, boobs sucking.